Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture Made of Recycled Wood


At San Diego Rustic we import many items that are recycled, antique, and reclaimed from old buildings, architectural salvage items, old piers, and more. It’s easy to make a contribution to preserving the environment with our green eco friendly furniture made of recycled wood. There is minimal environmental impact because no new trees are sacrificed to build our recycled furniture items. Our artisan craftsmen are adept at using recycled materials to create visually stunning rustic furniture with excellent material integrity. In India we get huge doors from demolished homes and shape them to use as doors that fit in buffets. The doors are sometimes between 100-300 years old and are up to 4 inches thick. We purchase massive antique doors with the door frame and convert them into bookcases from small to over 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Sometimes we add with thick glass shelves. Some of the old entryways still have the original address carved in the wood or on a metal plaque which adds a distinctive touch to your green recycled furniture.

We buy recycled or reclaimed wood by the truckload and we buy it by the Kilogram in India.  The wood comes from demolished buildings, old wood piers, wood floor boards, old molding, old furniture, window shutters, ox carts and anything made of wood that is no longer useful. If there’s a green furniture piece you want that’s not in stock we can order it for you or create custom recycled furniture to meet your specific design preferences. Please visit our San Diego furniture store today to view our current inventory of environmentally friendly furniture.