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What We Do

Our passion for rustic furniture led us to develop the concept of bringing the finest rustic furniture to our San Diego furniture store. The idea caught on with San Diego and eventually our small rustic furniture store became a furniture warehouse with over 20,000 square feet of wood furniture on display.

Our rustic furniture is designed to fit into the California lifestyle and compliment your home decor. We specialize in a range of furniture categories. We’ve traveled far and wide to build personal relationships with artisans in different countries including India, China, Indonesia, Africa, and Mexico. We also created our own factory in India that manufactures all our custom furniture with the greatest care.

Buying direct allows us to bypass the middle man and give you the best rustic furniture value on the market.  There’s an environmental theme to what we do. Many of our beautiful pieces are made using recycled wood from old doors, old shutters, moldings from old homes, rail road ties, antique teak and old furniture pieces. So buying our recycled products leads to reuse that preserves the natural world.  Beyond price, value and selection we care deeply about the welfare of our customers and are always looking for ways to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We offer custom furniture design solutions and our sales team is knowledgeable about how to choose the right furniture to meet your design goals.   It all adds up to one answer to your rustic furniture needs in San Diego and California. So drop by soon for a look at our selection, chat with us about building some custom furniture, or call anytime with questions. Have our in-house designer meet with you for a free in-home consultation. We welcome you to the San Diego Rustic Furniture family and look forward to helping you meet your dreams. We receive 40 foot shipping container loads of merchandise almost weekly in San Diego.

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Who We Are



Warren Frank

Warren moved from South Africa in 1986 after high school. He lives in San Diego and has two beautiful children. Warren has years of retail experience including aution, jewelry, car sales, and furniture sales. Warren has a passion for wood and rustic furniture and dedicates his life to bringing the best rustic furniture to customers throughout California and the rest of the nation.

Warren loves to see peoples’ reaction when they enter the warehouse. He feels good about selling a high quality product that lasts for a lifetime and generates many referrals and repeat customers. Warren cares for the environment and puts a special emphasis on using recycled materials in many furniture items for customers who want to leave a light footprint and that are environmentally friendly. Warren is also an endurance athlete and jet ski expert who’s set some competitive records. For more information see his personal website.

Charles Frank

Charles was born in South Africa and has been traveling to foreign countries for over 50 years importing Persian rugs, antiques, jewelry, furniture etc. Charles is our buyer who specializes in travelling worldwide to find the best asian antiques, recycled furniture and rustic furniture and import it directly to our San Diego location. Charles is a professional with a good eye for both quality and value which ensures that you will get the best furniture available for a fair price.

Frank Malcangio

Frank has been a self taught master cabinet maker for many years.  He owned a kitchen and counter manufacturing business in San Diego and has an eye for fine detail.  After the housing crash he joined our team and travels to India at least four to five times a year checking the quality control at our factory, to buy one of a kind items and to select recycled items that we can convert info furniture and accessories.  Dealing with India is a huge challenge and out of the three of us, Frank does a great job communicating with our managers and workers and finding easier ways to solve construction issues.

Furniture Factory in India

We’ve created our own rustic furniture factory in India with a team of local artisan craftsmen who have years of experience building the finest wood furniture available. Our factory manager, Lalit Ostwal oversees order production and quality control. He searches the markets for architectural items that can be used to make our furniture.

Our India factory handle custom orders for furniture made of wood, metal, or leather. We design the item in the USA and send the specifications to Lalit in India and Lalit gets the item made. Since we have our own furniture factory we cut out layers of costs and pass the savings on to you.

So come into our San Diego furniture factory outlet warehouse for the best price, value, and selection of fine-quality handmade rustic furniture.

COVID-19 Notice

We are still open for business amid the Coronavirus pandemic, however we are taking extra precautions to ensure our customers stay safe and healthy while shopping. We disinfect and sterilize our warehouse on a regular basis, and we currently have minimal staff working to encourage social distancing. Give us a call today to schedule your warehouse viewing appointment:

(858) 761-2263