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Wood Benches at San Diego Rustic

San Diego Rustic Furniture imports a wide variety of benches from India, Indonesia, Mexico, China and Morocco. Some of them have backs and others are just pedestal benches that can be used at a dining table instead of using chairs. The seats are either plain wood, leather or fabric. Woods we use to construct our benches are Teak, Mahogany, Sheesham, Acacia and Mango. We also construct benches made from a variety of recycled woods. At our factory in India we buy truckloads of wood by the pound that comes from old demolished buildings. Wood from wood flooring, ceiling beams, old furniture, wall panels, old oxcarts and many other sources of recycled and reclaimed wood. If you’re looking for an attractive rustic wood bench for your house or backyard we offer a wide benches Our wood benches are hand made by artisan craftsmen using reclaimed and recycled wood sourced throughout the world Please visit our San Diego showroom today to view our current inventory of rustic and antique wood benches. mexican bench      hand carving on bench      mesquite bench      hand carved bench If there’s a unique wood bench you want and we don’t have, we’ll help you create a custom piece that fits your style. All you need to do is give us an idea of what kind of bench you want by bringing in a photo, images from a magazine, other websites, pencil sketches or just your imagination. Our designer can sit with you and go over all the details with regards to size, color, shape and material and we will make you a computer image and once you like it we send the order off to our factory in India along with the images and in a few months your custom bench will arrive at our warehouse showroom in a forty foot shipping container exactly the way you wanted it. indonesian bench      wood grain      bench from Indonesia The benches we stock are either plain smooth wood all the way to very detailed hand carvings with all sorts of designs that take sometimes hundreds of hours to carve. Stop by our warehouse outlet showroom that’s open 7 days a week to take a look. bench from india       wood carving on bench      wood and leather bench       moroccan bench
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