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Welded Metal and Wood Furniture

  Welded Metal and Wood Furniture If you see a website, a photo or metal and wood furniture in other stores we can fabricate an unusual base for you that are to your specifications. You can choose the width, depth and height and even the thickness of the metal. It can be left raw metal with a coat of clear varnish to stop rusting or we can leave it raw metal and spray it with some salt water which speeds up the rust process. Once its all rusted we apply a coat of clear varnish to preserve the rust look but it won’t rub off on your clothing or floor. We can also give the welded metal furniture a brushed look which is also very popular. end table       custom welded metal furniture SanDiegoRustic.com has started manufacturing our own welded metal furniture that incorporates recycled wood. Recently we fabricated a 3” square tube dining table base that has a 3” thick solid recycled wood top. The mixture of contemporary and rustic complement each other very well. metal wheel coffee table      metal and wood coffee table SDRimports.com also makes welded benches, coffee tables, barstools, counter stools or any other furniture item that can be fabricated out of metal and wood. Five years ago we imported recycled Teak wood planks which we used in the office area of our previous location. When we moved to 9350 Trade Pl. San Diego CA 92126 we ripped the recycled Teak planks from the floor and had them in storage. We have since started using the Teak floorboards on the tops of dining tables, benches and coffee tables in order to make our metal and wood furniture. custom welded table      welded metal table Instead of having a very rough look, once the planks are attached to the furniture we sand down the wood the get a clean new look and then we use furniture oil which brings out the rich wood grain in the old Teak. The results are breathtaking. Below is a coffee table using the Teak wood planks attached to the top metal coffee      recycled wood and metal coffee table      reclaimed wood and metal coffee table   reclaimed metal and wood dining table      recycled teak and metal table We also often use old cast iron wheels from salvage yards. Wheels that were once used in factories to move heavy equipment are now re-purposed and made to good use by welding them to the bottom of our metal and wood furniture. rusted metal table
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