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Talavera Pottery and Mexican Pots

San Diego Rustic is one of San Diego’s largest direct importers of Talavera pottery from Puebla, Mexico and Mexican pots from Northern Mexico. We primarily wholesale the Talavera works of art to other retail stores all over California and Arizona but we do keep many pieces in our warehouse showroom for sale to our retail customers at a discounted price. Sometimes we have a large inventory but when we run low we import a large quantity again. talavera in puebla mexico      talavera pottery      mexico1-articleLarge We often travel to Puebla which is a six hour car ride from Guadalajara and hand pick many different pieces and styles of Talavera pottery to be put on a semi truck and shipped across the border at Tijuana and into San Diego. Talavera is a type of majolica earthenware, a white and glazed type of ceramic. The Spaniards introduced this type of pottery to Mexico mexican chiminea      mexican pottery Talavera is the oldest tin-glazed ceramic in America and it is still being manufactured with the same techniques as in the sixteenth Century. The most accepted explanation is that Spanish monks from the Santo Domingo monastery in Puebla, sent for craftsmen from Talavera de la Reina to teach the local Mexican people of the region how to work the clay so they could create pottery and ceramics similar to the ones produced in Spain. They wanted to decorate with tiles and sculptures in their monasteries and churches. The local people of Mexico were very skilled potters and already had a very long tradition producing earthenware. But they did not know how to use the pottery wheel or glaze their pottery, which is one of the main characteristics of the majolica ceramic. metal and clay pot      mexican metal and clay pot Now days, Talavera is very popular, and pieces of extraordinary quality that are very expensive are still being produced. Unfortunately there are also many poor imitations. When you buy an authentic Talavera piece, it must be signed at the base by the workshop that produces it, and it must state that it is from Puebla. Talavera is the name given only to the earthenware produced in Puebla. talavera mexico       talavera pots        talavera tiles      If you have a chance,  come to San Diego Rustic to see our imported Talevera pots and Mexican clay pottery and don’t miss the opportunity to learn and admire this centuries old tradition.
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