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Singing Bowls from Nepal and India

Singing Bowls just in at San Diego Rustic furniture warehouse outlet

At San Diego Rustic we recently received a shipping container of awesome recycled furniture and accessories but also in the container were roughly 50 singing bowls of all different shapes, sizes and designs. Some were new but quite a few were old and antique. They all make their own unique sound depending on the shape, thickness of the wall and size of the bowl. We were very excited to receive such an impressive collection. Frank who is our buyer, routinely travels to India to check on our factory and furniture production. He couldn’t find the type of singing bowls he wanted so he traveled all the way to Tibet from India and found a perfect source.

metal singing bowl          IMG_8193          singing bowl collection          imported singing bowl

Art and statues created by Tibetan monks several centuries ago depict singing bowls in detail. Tibetan monks use singing bowls in meditation centers and in monasteries.   The sound comes from the singing bowl by striking the bowl with a padded mallet wrapped in leather. The leather wrapped mallet can also be used around the rim of the bowl by rubbing it in a circular motion thus creating friction which creates an emphasis in harmonic overtones and a continuous ‘singing’ sound.

IMG_8192          Indian Singing bowl          tibetan singing bowl          genuine singing bowl

Singing bowls were originally created to make specific sounds with healing in mind. They produce a warm vibration that is unlike any other sound instrument and is generally quite pleasant. Many people believe in the “Mozart Effect” which effects the human brain in certain positive ways. It has been proven that alpha and theta waves have a very soothing effect on humans and animals but some people think more research has to be done to better understand this phenomenon.

asian singing bowl          engraved singing bowl          small singing bowl          copper singing bowl

Some of the singing bowls we have in our San Diego Rustic furniture warehouse are smooth and plain while others have been engraved with some very intricate designs of flowers and Buddha’s. Stop by 7 days a week and take a look at our awesome collection from small to large bowls.

brass singing bowl          singing bowl from tibet          singing bowl          large singing bowl          san diego singing bowl          singing bowl from India

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