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Sheehsam Wood or Indian Rosewood

About Shesham Wood – also know as Sheesham, Shisham, Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo.

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San Diego Rustic manufactures and imports Sheesham wood directly from the source in India; choosing only the finest quality Shesham is to ensure robust and sturdy furniture pieces.  This wood is extremely hard and durable and furniture made with Sheesham should last for generations to come.  It is so hard that when using a screw gun to insert a screw into the wood, 99% of the time the screw snaps.  In order for the screw not to snap we normally use a drill and pre-drill a small hole so that the screw doesn’t have so much resistance.  Even when drilling, the wood it so hard that it smokes and the drill gets scalding hot. Indian rosewood      sheesham furniture in India      sheesham in India Shesham wood (Sheesham) is also sometimes called Indian Rosewood and a not too distant cousin of Teak. It is a fast growing deciduous shade tree found in the foothills of northern India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Sheesham sideboard      sheesham grain The trees reach maturity in ten to fifteen years, growing as big as one hundred feet tall and eight feet round; given its rapid growth rate, Shesham is one of only a few species of sustainable hardwoods. sheesham wood furniture      indian rosewood furniture (2) Shesham is typically harvested and sourced from managed plantations, in cooperation with the Indian government. The wood is dry-kilned prior to manufacturing. The wood is heavy and durable, insect resistant and easily carved; its rich chestnut colors, produces elegant furniture product and the original grain gives each piece individuality.  Although most of the furniture made with Sheesham gets stained darker than its natural state, the original color has amazing different shades ranging from a rich blond to a deep brown  and everything in between. sheesham bed      sheesham dining table      indian rosewood furniture (1) Sheesham wood is easy to maintain; simply apply lemon oil or beeswax using a soft cloth; working in the direction of the grain. Do not use silicon based sprays or polish. Because of its high oil content, everyday use actually helps to enhance the luster of the finish. However, avoid placing anything hot or wet directly onto the surface, as staining may occur. Wipe off spills promptly. To repair blemishes, gently rub it down with extra fine wire wool in the direction of the grain, and restore the finish using beeswax. Position the furniture away from direct sunlight or out of excessive heat if practical to avoid fading or cracking: even kiln dried hardwoods are susceptible to the elements. sheesham furniture      sheesham wood bed      recycled sideboard If you stop by our San Diego Rustic furniture warehouse you will find many furniture items made from Sheesham.
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