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San Diego Rustic – Why to buy from SDRimports

Reasons to buy from San Diego Rustic Well for starters we do not buy from wholesalers in the US and make a profit on their already inflated prices.  We go to many countries in search of unique handmade furniture and accessories.  We travel to China, Indonesia, India, Mexico and more looking for unusual items as well as items that have a good price point.  By doing this we pass the savings on to our customers and cut out the middle man. solid wood bed      asian altar table      daybed In India we have our own furniture factory where we hire the skilled artisans, we go to the wood market and buy the raw wood, we buy old doors and old wood to build recycled furniture, once again by doing this we keep the cost down to pass on to our customers. In China we have employees that travel to the small villages and purchase Chinese Antiques and old furniture and ship them to a warehouse in the city where the Chinese Antiques get refurbished and cleaned up if needed and packed in a 40 foot shipping container and sent to Long Beach, California by ship.  Once it is offloaded off the ship it is loaded onto a truck and brought down to our San Diego Rustic warehouse showroom where we unpack everything and put them up for sale. asian antiques      chinese antiques (2)      chinese antiques Another reason to buy from San Diego Rustic is our amazing return policy.  If you every buy something from us you can keep it for as long as you like, if you ever have a reason to return it we will give you a full store credit for that returned item and the credit can be used right away or anytime in the future to purchase any item of your choice.  The store credit can be used for any new purchase but not to pay off an old balance. We do not take back items that are leather because of wear and tear and other restrictions apply. recycled wood coffee table      recycled wood Example – In 2009 Jennifer C. purchase a 10 foot table that cost $5500 for her huge dining room, unfortunately she got divorced and had to move into a smaller three bedroom condo that didn’t have space for her 10 foot table.  She arranged for a delivery service to pick up the table and bring it back to our warehouse.  It had a few scratches and blemishes from use but that was not a problem for us, she then had a $5500 store credit so she purchased a bed, a 72 inch dining table that seated six people and a buffet for her dining room.   By doing this she didn’t spend any additional money out of pocket and in the end she actually still had a $375 store credit that we keep on file for her to use or transfer to a friend, anytime in the future.  We do not charge a restocking fee.
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