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Furniture Repair and Antique Refinishing

  At San Diego Rustic, we offer high quality furniture repair, restoration and refinishing services. We can repair or restore any kind of furniture to its original condition. We also specialize in antique furniture repair and can carefully repair, restore, or refinish your antique furniture. Our furniture repair and restoration service covers all types of furniture materials including, wood, glass and metal. We can do all types of furniture upholstery repair and restoration. We can refinish all types of furniture surfaces including varnish, lacquer, wood stain, and painted surfaces. We can restore your furniture to its original condition or give it a new direction if you prefer. Our skilled and experienced furniture repair experts will treat your furniture with great care and make sure the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations. If you have furniture that needs repair, restoration, or refinishing please give us a call for a free consultation. At San Diego Rustic furniture repair we can totally refurbish your metal furniture that is for indoor or outdoor use, by either painting it with rust resistant paint or better yet we can have it powder coated for you in a variety of colors.  If any of your metal, iron or cast iron furniture is cracked or damaged we can take care of that too by welding and repairing it back to its original condition. To get a quote just take a few photos from different angles and email it to us and we’ll have an estimate for you within hours.  If you have a dining table, bedroom furniture, coffee table, trunk or any furniture items that has scratches we may be able to touch it up or if its really bad we will strip the entire piece then apply stain and varnish to make it new again.  If you have old wicker furniture we can pressure wash all the flaking paint and repaint it in a weather resistant paint bringing back life to the pieces and make them look as good as new. Many times you have a dining room set that has eight chairs and one is damaged.  Instead of going out and spending thousands on a new dining room set, its much cheaper to get that one chair repaired and save the set. At San Diego Rustic furniture repair we have a large workshop with skilled repair people that can handle almost any repair and refurbishing.  We have a high end lacquer sprayer that can be used either with varnish or paint to get a professional factory finish.
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