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San Diego Architectural Salvage reclaimed wood beams      architechtural salvaged wood beams      recycled wood beams As the world’s resources for new wood diminishes every day, furniture made using architectural salvaged materials, recycled and repurposed wood is becoming very popular.  It is green and eco friendly because instead of cutting down live trees to construct new furniture, recycled and repurposed wood seems like the smart way to go.  Besides looking at it from a eco friendly standpoint, using recycled wood is much more interesting and the wood has much more character, it has fully dried out over the years which leaves less chance for cracking or splitting. At San Diego Rustic we have a small factory in India where we construct furniture using architectural salvaged items like 200-300 year old antique doors that are three inches thick, old shutters from windows, metal security bars from windows, huge old beams from demolished buildings, we make  benches from old ox carts and many other interesting architectural salvaged furniture ideas.  We also make furniture from recycled hardwood floors and wooden wall panels. recycled wood carved into new furniture      antique doors recycled into rustic furniture      old door armoire Below you can see dining room tables that are up to four inches thick.  We stock these styles of tables in many sizes.  Originally the wood used to make these tables were around 12” x 12” beams from demolished buildings.  At our factory in India they furniture artisans use huge saws to mill the wood down to manageable 3” to 4” thick planks, they then join them together to construct these very interesting dining room tables.  People ask what wood is used to make the recycled furniture? This is a tricky question because many times there are a few different kinds of wood on each table for example Mahogany Wood, Teak Wood, Rosewood, Mango Wood,  Sheesham Wood, Acacia Wood and more. reclaimed wood dining table      recycled wood table made from old wood beams      round dining table made from recycled wood      recycled wood table In the photos below, the doors used to construct these armoires and sideboards were once thick doors on huge entryways in India.  We buy old doors at the market in India by the truckload and cut them down to fit into armoires, cupboards, sideboards, buffets, nightstands and also as head and footboards on beds. recycled door sideboard      antique door armoire      antique door sideboard             antique cupboard   Below you can see how we make benches from old broken down ox carts.  These ox carts are all one of a kind and still have all the hand beaten metal work on the ends which make for great conversation pieces.  Using environmentally,  eco friendly,  recycled wood and architectural salvage items to make furniture seems like the way to go. ox cart bench      ox cart bench
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