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Manufacturing and Importing Furniture from India

Manufacturing and Importing Furniture from India Recently Frank Malcangio of San Diego Rustic spent two months in Jodhpur, India on a buying trip for San Diego Rustic Furniture.  When he is in India, Frank goes around to the many furniture markets buying interesting ‘one of a kind’ items.  When it comes to producing new items that are constructed in larger quantities, Frank works closely with our manufacturing manager Lalit who lives in India.  Lalit overseas our quality control and works closely with the skilled artisans who hand make each item. furniture factory in jodhpur furniture factory in india food in india spicy indian food Before any furniture is constructed, Frank and Lalit go to the wood wholesalers in Jodhpur and hand pick each plank and they choose different sizes of planks depending on what lengths they need for specific furniture pieces.  At the same time Frank and Lalit select large quantities of old wood beams that came from demolished buildings which is used to make recycled wood furniture like dining room tables, armoires, cupboards, sideboards and a variety of other eco friendly furniture products. market in india market in india (2) indian recipe indian resturant The wood gets loaded onto a truck and taken to our furniture factory where it left out to dry for up to 10 days.  The recycled wood does not have to be dried out because most of it is decades old and has already dried out.  Jodhpur is normally very dry most of the year so the conditions are ideal for drying out the wood.  This is done before construction so that the furniture does not crack after the construction process. indian table construction jodhpur india jodhpur life in india Once the wood is ready our skilled furniture makers and carvers select which planks of wood they need for specific sizes.  By doing this there is minimal wastage.  Once the piece is built and in the raw wood state it moves on to the sanding process,  then it is stained and varnished a deep rich brown color with brings out the beauty in the wood grains. Once each piece is completed, Lalit takes photos of the item and measures it and checks it against the original order to insure everything was made correctly.  He then emails the images and sizes to our San Diego location for our review.  After that all the ready furniture is wrapped in bubble wrap and then cardboard to help against any damage while in the shipping process. indian people indian mirror indian market indian furniture construction Once Lalit has enough merchandise to fill a forty foot shipping container he orders one from the container depot in town.  They don’t have the use of forklifts so many strong laborers load the heavy furniture into the container, trying to fill every square inch so that no space is wasted.  It costs San Diego Rustic roughly $5700 for each container shipped from Jodhpur to San Diego so every little bit of space counts. indian food Once the container is filled the doors are locked and sealed and the container travels roughly 1000 miles by truck to the port of Mumbai where the container gets loaded onto a container ship heading for Long Beach USA.  It takes about six weeks on the ocean before the container arrives at our San Diego Rustic warehouse showroom where we unpack the beautiful furniture.
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