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San Diego Indonesian furniture  We travel to Indonesia  and visit small islands, villages and larger cities in search of unique Indonesian furniture and accessory items.  The woods commonly used in Indonesia is Teak Wood, Suar Wood, Mahogany Wood and many times the wood from Indonesia is recycled or reclaimed.  We import benches, daybeds, console tables, stools, accessories, dining room tables and much more. Mahogany Wood is a long lasting wood that is very hard and is mostly used in making fine quality furniture. It is a unique type of wood which is known for its lovely grain and dark, red-brown shade that gives off an age-old look to the furniture. Teak Wood is grown and harvested under Government control with a strong reforestation program in force.  The Teak grown and used in Indonesia is called Tectonis Grandis. The majority of Teak furniture and accessories are made from Plantation Teak but also re-used, recycled or reclaimed Teak wood is used. As urban re-development takes place, Teak is recycled. Suar Wood In Indonesia, called "Suar Trees" with the botanical name Saman Samanea, these trees are easily recognized by their characteristic umbrella shaped canopy as seen in the above photo. This tree usually reaches heights of 50 - 80 feet. It is a non endangered and fast growing tropical hardwood with a criss cross, interlocking grain which reduces the possibility of cracking occurring due to climactic changes. This wood is used frequently for large sculptures and even furniture and compares favorably to woods such as Black Walnut. Suar trees grow in many different countries and areas, including Hawaii and it grows naturally in almost every area where it has been introduced. In other countries this tree is known as Rain Tree or Monkey Pod.  
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