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Armoires and Cupboards

We offer you a wide selection of rustic wood armoires and cupboards that are both aesthetically beautiful and highly functional. The armoire and cupboard styles can range widely from Asian, Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, Medieval, Antiqued and more. All of our armoires, cupboards, dressers, hutches and cupboards are unique hand-crafted items made by local artisans who take pride in their workmanship. We also import one of a kind antique armoires and cupboards from China and India. Also many of the antique cabinets, armoires and cupboards that we construct in India are made with the use of recycled materials like window shutters and security bars and are sometimes made with recycled woods. They feature beautiful finishes and a variety of accent materials. While the armoires and cupboards may have a rustic appearance our standards are very high for quality materials that will last a lifetime. If there’s an armoire you want that’s not in stock we can order it for you or create a custom piece to meet your specific design preferences. Please stop by our San Diego showroom today to view our current inventory of armoires and cupboards.
  Many of our armoires and cupboards have carvings in the wood that are all hand done without the use of modern machinery.  The carving process is an art that is handed down from generation to generation and requires great skill.    
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