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Kama Sutra Furniture

The Kama Sutra is the world’s oldest book on the pleasures of sensual living. There is no one single author for the text. It was originally compiled in the 3rd century by the Indian sage Vatsyayana, who lived in northern India. Vatsyayana claimed to be a celibate monk, and that his work in compiling all
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Sheehsam Wood or Indian Rosewood

About Shesham Wood – also know as Sheesham, Shisham, Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo.       San Diego Rustic manufactures and imports Sheesham wood directly from the source in India; choosing only the finest quality Shesham is to ensure robust and sturdy furniture pieces.  This wood is extremely hard and durable and furniture made with Sheesham
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Furniture arrival from India at San Diego Rustic

Furniture arrival from India at San Diego Rustic We just received a forty foot container load of amazing furniture from India.  Many of the rustic furniture items that arrived were custom orders that we created especially for customers that required specific details.  Originally they came to our warehouse looking for something to fit in to
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DIY “do it yourself” chair leg repair

A customer brought in this chair with a broken leg that he tried to repair on his own using cheap glue and some nails. We had to remove the nails and we applied some good wood glue and held it all together with some clamps and let it sit overnight while the glue dried. In
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DIY “do it yourself” dining table top refinishing.

We had this pine worm wood table that had a few scratches on the top. To do this yourself, use an orbital sander in an area that you don’t mind getting full of dust like your backyard or garage. We stripped the entire top of varnish and stain with a 60 grit sandpaper then we
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Chinese Antique Furniture and Accessories

At San Diego Rustic we have agents in China that travel to many small Chinese villages in search of Chinese antique furniture and accessories.  In many cases the furniture has been used for many years so we have each item shipped to Beijing to get totally refurbished.  Sometimes there are pieces of wood missing so
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Asian Statues and Sculptures

Elephant's Trunk Statue San Diego

In addition to rustic wood furniture, San Diego Rustic also has a large inventory of statues and sculptures from throughout Asia. We hand select these statues and sculptures from artisans and shops in China, Indonesia, India, Thailand and more. We’ve included a few examples of these statues below. We love the “good luck” elephant statue…
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Wood Bedroom Furniture and Beds

Over the years at San Diego Rustic we’ve developed some amazing wood bedroom furniture and beds.  When talking about wood bedroom furniture we generally mean the bed, dresser, mirror and nightstands but also in our bedroom furniture collection we have lingerie chests, trunks, armoires and cupboards.  All of our wood bedroom furniture and beds are constructed out
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Spanish Colonial Revival and Santa Barbara Style Furniture

Spanish Colonial Revival Gate

Spanish Colonial Revival is one of the prominent architectural styles in California. This movement in the United States arose during the early 20th century and was based on the style of Spanish Colonial architecture which was used during the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The Spanish Colonial Revival gained national exposure after the 1915 Panama-California
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Talavera Pottery and Mexican Pots

San Diego Rustic is one of San Diego’s largest direct importers of Talavera pottery from Puebla, Mexico and Mexican pots from Northern Mexico. We primarily wholesale the Talavera works of art to other retail stores all over California and Arizona but we do keep many pieces in our warehouse showroom for sale to our retail
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