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Furniture arrival from India at San Diego Rustic

Furniture arrival from India at San Diego Rustic forty foot container We just received a forty foot container load of amazing furniture from India.  Many of the rustic furniture items that arrived were custom orders that we created especially for customers that required specific details.  Originally they came to our warehouse looking for something to fit in to a space in their home.  If we didn’t stock that item, we designed something for them based on a photo, website, sketch or just their imagination. offloading container      new container arrival      furniture contianer arrival      recycled wood table      rustic tables So if you are shopping around and you don’t find anything that exactly fits your needs, stop by SDR imports and we can help you design your furniture exactly the way you want it with regards to style, color, size, carving, glass, metal etc.  Once the order is approved by you, we email the design and details to our factory in India and within 3-4 months your           item will be ready.  Yes it takes some time but you get exactly what you need that nobody else in the world has and you get to save money when you compare the sometimes double cost to have it constructed in the USA and normally with less quality materials. old door armoire      reclaimed door coffee table      solid wood table      reclaimed wood dining set Along with many customer orders, we received a ton of stock items for our San Diego          rustic warehouse outlet.  We received armoires, cupboards, desks, bedroom sets, console tables, coffee tables, benches, daybeds,  dining tables, chairs and a whole bunch more. rustic furniture arrival      recycled wood sideboard      recycled sideboard Many of the stock items that arrived from India are constructed out of new wood, antique wood and recycled wood.  Some of the sideboards or buffets along with armoires and cupboards have doors that are constructed from antique doors in India that are sometimes 200-300 years old.  We cut the doors down to size to fit perfectly into the space of the new furniture item. We also received about thirty heavy thick wood beams that we sell as recycled or reclaimed wood.  In India we buy recycled / reclaimed wood by the kilogram in truckloads and build our furniture with it but we have found that customers like to purchase these wood beams and incorporate it with their home.  Stop by and if you find the beam you like we can cut it on the spot and you can take it with you. Please stop by our warehouse that’s open 7 days a week to view this amazing collection of solid wood furniture that is often accented with leather, glass and or metal.
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