» DIY “do it yourself” dining table top refinishing.
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DIY “do it yourself” dining table top refinishing.

We had this pine worm wood table that had a few scratches on the top. To do this yourself, use an orbital sander in an area that you don't mind getting full of dust like your backyard or garage. We stripped the entire top of varnish and stain with a 60 grit sandpaper then we switched to a 150 grit sanding pad. Once the top is nice and smooth get a slightly damp rag and wipe the entire top off to get rid of the dust and wood powder. Once the table is dry from the damp cloth, apply some natural color wood oil, we used Minwax Tung Oil. Make sure you do a small test area to make sure you like the finish and if satisfied then apply the oil to the entire table top and view the beautiful results If you find that the "do it yourself" dining table refinish job is too much for you to handle, we and San Diego Rustic do small and large furniture repairs and everything in between.
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