» DIY “do it yourself” chair leg repair
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DIY “do it yourself” chair leg repair

A customer brought in this chair with a broken leg that he tried to repair on his own using cheap glue and some nails. We had to remove the nails and we applied some good wood glue and held it all together with some clamps and let it sit overnight while the glue dried. In the morning we removed the clamps. There were some voids in the wood because the customer didn't supply us with every little missing piece of wood so we mixed up some Bondo (yes the kind for doing bodywork on cars) and hardener and used a putty knife to push it into the voids. Once it was dry we used a wood file to get rid of most of the unwanted Bondo then we used some sandpaper to smooth it out. Finally we applied some wood stain to match the color of the rest of the chair and it was done.chair repair san diego furniture repair san diego chair repair san diego refinishing furniture refinishing
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