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Custom Furniture Design – Built to your specifications

At San Diego Rustic Furniture we make custom order furniture, pretty much anything made from wood, metal, leather and glass.  If you see an item of furniture or a home accessory that is highly overpriced at the mall stores, a magazine, a website, a model home or a hotel all you need to do is take a photo and bring it in to us.  We can go over the details with you with regards to size, color, matte or glossy finish and any other details you would like to add to your custom furniture order. We can create custom furniture orders including beds and bedroom sets, sideboards and credenzas, chairs, armoires and cupboards, console tables, coffee tables, built in wall units, reception desks, home office desks, kitchen cabinets, trunks and more. You can even specify what type of wood you want your custom furniture order to be constructed out of.  San Diego Rustic’s custom furniture orders can be made from Recycled or Reclaimed wood, Mango, Teak, Mahogany,  Pine, Mesquite, Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) Below are a few examples of the thousands of custom furniture orders we've created over the years.   This is a image a Pottery Barn bed where the customer wanted a bed from their website made in solid hardwood so we took the image and changed a few details and had it custom made at our furniture factory in India pottery barn bed   Below is a huge custom wood armoire that our customer saw in a model home but he wanted in in a different size and different shelf configuration so we custom made it for him. custom wood armoire   The image of the round wood table below was brought to us by a lady who found the image in an interior design magazine.  We scanned the photo and made a note of her specific requirements including making the color very dark by using dark wood stain then varnish.  A few months later her custom furniture order arrived from India and she was very pleased. round wood table   Another image from a magazine article of a dining table that was extremely overpriced.  This customer wanted her table custom made with heavier thicker legs and a three inch top.  We custom made the table for her and with her permission we now stock this "Kunde" table as one of our stock models custom dining table A local optometrist was remodeling his front office and wanted to use a recycled rustic theme so we created him a very unique and unusual half round reception desk and while he was visiting our showroom he saw a cupboard that he thought might fit well but he didn't like the color so we duplicated it without the painted doors with just wood color doors. custom made wood desk     custom made cupboard   Below is a bed that we custom made out of antique recycled doors and antique columns.  This customer has one of the most unique beds and its one of a kind that nobody else will every have.  This bed is very heavy and will last for generations to come. custom recycled antique bed
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