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Contemporary Rustic Furniture

Contemporary Rustic Furniture in San Diego contemporary rustic living room An eclectic mix of old pieces really stand out against sleek contemporary surfaces, thus we get the term contemporary rustic.  Many people have a hard time visualizing the idea of contemporary rustic until they see it all laid out in a room or an image of contemporary rustic blended together.  Contemporary Rustic furniture is becoming more and more popular as people begin to accept the idea of mixing the two. contemporary rustic bedroom            contemporary rustic trunk            contemporary rustic hutch From barn-wood coffee tables to industrial light fixtures, contemporary rustic furniture shows off two key materials: natural wood and metal. And, it’s not just the furniture; these materials can also be woven into the architecture of your space.  Don’t forget about accessories. contemporary rustic dressser            contemporary rustic dining set            contemporary rustic dining table What elements make up contemporary rustic furniture?  Often it's grouped together with shabby chic or country charm but there seems to be more to it than slip-covered sofa and walls of knotty pine.  The rustic style of yore was characterized by lodge decor— heavy leather furnishings and wood paneled walls. Below are some of the most dominant features of the contemporary rustic. contemporary rustic dining room            contemporary rustic cube table            contemporary rustic end table Natural, unprinted fabrics: linen, burlap, canvas, animal skins Solid woods with limited use of veneers and particle board A balance of light neutrals on the walls, window coverings, and upholstery to brighten a room full of different shades of wood There is a big movement towards the contemporary rustic furniture style trend, making this décor one of the most popular looks. This timeless contemporary rustic style looks good for years to come and relies a tad on shabby chic features and a tasteful collection of pictures, quirky objects, and art. To get the look spot on it’s important to use the right type of furniture that will work well with the rest of your décor contemporary rustic style            contemporary rustic kitchen table            contemporary rustic chest Natural wood grains are a must for the rustic look and thankfully there is plenty of contemporary rustic quality wood furniture on the market.  Choose a vintage table made from reclaimed wood, use an antique travel trunk or a simple wooden chest.  A large TV can detract from a contemporary rustic look but if you choose the right TV wall unit you can disguise your contemporary device or help it blend in to the room more naturally.  Natural looking, new or reclaimed wood is the best material to choose for an old school feel.  
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