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Console Tables – New and Reclaimed Solid Wood

  At San Diego Rustic, we carry a large selection of console tables that are hand made by artisan craftsmen throughout the world in countries like India, Indonesia, Mexico and China.  The tables from China are mostly one of a kind and are generally antique. We have a selection of antique, contemporary and rustic console tables made from new wood, antique wood and recycled or reclaimed wood.  We also carry console tables from Indonesia where the top and legs of the table are cut from one solid log. This is called a live or living edge console table. Below are a few images of a console table made of many pieces of old teak. recycled teak console      recycled console      live edge console table      live edge furniture Our newer console tables are made from a variety of woods like Teak, Mahogany, Sheesham, Mango  and Acacia. We also have a large selection of recycled or reclaimed wood consoles that are made up of a variety of re-purposed and reclaimed wood.  This console table would be made from reclaimed wood salvaged from flooring, ceiling beams, old furniture, wall panels, old oxcarts and many other sources in India and Indonesia. wood console      mahogany console      solid wood console      one of a kind chinese console A console table can be used in your home for a variety of purposes.  It could be used as a sofa table, entry table, hallway table and even as small desk!  They are normally around thirty six inches tall but of course they will vary from style to style and depending on the country of origin. photo_3      sofa table      aisan console Many of our console tables have very detailed hand carvings on them that are carved in India without the use of power tools.  It could take many hours just to complete the carving on one piece because the wood we use is extremely hard and durable and should last for generations to come.  Some of the console tables or sofa tables have a smooth wood top while others have a glass top.  We also have console tables that are made up of dozens of old pieces of Teak. antique console table      contemporary console table      antique chinese console We also do custom orders so if there’s a console table you want that’s not in stock we can order it for you or create a custom table to meet your specific design preferences. Whether you want a specific style of reclaimed wood or a more modern look, we can accommodate your preference. Please visit our San Diego furniture store today to view our current inventory of antique and rustic console tables.  
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