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Chinese Antique Furniture and Accessories

At San Diego Rustic we have agents in China that travel to many small Chinese villages in search of Chinese antique furniture and accessories.  In many cases the furniture has been used for many years so we have each item shipped to Beijing to get totally refurbished.  Sometimes there are pieces of wood missing so they replace the missing piece, if there are deep scratches on a painted item they will repaint the damaged area. Chinese console table      Chinese console      chinese night stand      chinese trunks      asian armoire We are without a doubt, the largest retailer of authentic Chinese Antique Furniture and Accessories in the San Diego area and maybe Southern California.   Second to us was Genghis Khan Furniture but after many successful years in business the family has retired and closed its doors and many of their customers now come to San Diego Rustic to purchase quality Chinese Antiques and Accessories. chinese bowls      chinese buckets      chinese chairs     antique chinese armoire      chinese chest Chinese and Asian antique furniture have such character and are great conversation pieces compared to the new furniture available in stores that won’t last very long because of the way they were constructed.  Construction of traditional wooden Chinese furniture is based primarily of solid wood pieces connected solely using woodworking joints, and rarely using glue or metallic nails. The reason was that nails and glues used did not stand up well to the vastly fluctuation temperatures and humid weather conditions in most of Central and South-East Asia. As well, the highly oily and resinous woods used in Chinese furniture do not glue well, even when pre-cleaned with modern industrial solvents. asian buffet      asian night table      chinese antiques      Chinese armoire      chinese wall unit Some of the Chinese Antiques and Accessories we stock are console tables,  cupboards, trunks, tables, night tables, wood bowls, buckets, stools, cabinets, statues, old wall panels and much more.
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