» Armoires – very unique.  Doors with wood carving, glass, cast iron, metal or hand painted
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Armoires – very unique. Doors with wood carving, glass, cast iron, metal or hand painted

reclaimed wood armoire         armoire with metal doors         Wood Carving on Armoire San Diego Rustic Furniture warehouse stocks some very unique armoires. We import armoires from China, India, Indonesia and Mexico using the finest hardwood. Many of the armoires we have in our warehouse showroom are made from recycled and reclaimed wood. The doors we use to construct our armoires are sometimes 200-300 years old using old doors from buildings in India that were once huge entry ways, we have our skilled artisans cut them down to size and fit them into armoires, cupboards, sideboards and even as headboards on beds. Some of doors are hand painted, hand carved with extreme detail, glass, metal or just plain solid wood. The armoires we import from China are all one of a kind and are mostly antique. Our buyer travels to many small towns buying up many of the old pieces then ships them to the city and we have a team of workers specifically hired to refurbish the one of a kind pieces. antique door armoire         chinese armoire         armoire hand carved We just received a large shipment of armoires from India that get shipped across the ocean in a forty foot container which takes about six weeks on the ocean. The container arrives at Long Beach harbor and sometimes customs x-rays the container and in rare cases they offload the container and inspect each item. antique indian armoire         old door armoire         antique armoire         glass door armoire Then it gets trucked down to San Diego and is opened at our warehouse. Because all of our items are solid hard wood they are very heavy and it takes about eight hours to offload the container using about five strong men. If you get onto our mailing list we will notify you when we get new container arrivals filled with amazing furniture including armoires. tribal carving armoire         solid wood armoire         chinese antiques Many of the uses for armoires are for plain old storage or sometimes if a client wants to hang clothes inside we remove the top shelf and install a clothes rod, they could be used as a media center or even a computer station in your home and once you’re done you close the doors so that you can’t see the clutter or electronics or paperwork. tuscan armoire carving         recycled wood armoire         antique door
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