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Apothecary Cabinets and Chests – San Diego Rustic Westerners may have used furniture before the Chinese, but once the Chinese cabinetmakers began crafting cabinets, chairs, tables, bookcases and Apothecary cabinets + chests they learned their craft and the intricacies of furniture making quickly. They learned to construct superbly designed and proportioned pieces without using nails, and with only a minimal use of dowels and glue. One of their greatest accomplishments are Apothecary cabinets and chests. antique apothecarychest      asian apothecary chest The history of crafting and using Chinese furniture began during the 1st millennium A.D. when some Chinese people decided they would be more comfortable sitting on chairs instead of squatting on the floor. Before this time, they usually conducted their lives and their business at floor level, as many Asian cultures did and some still do today. antique apothecarycabinet      apothecary chest A version of the square or corner cabinet is often referred to as a medicine cabinet (yaochu) or hundred-eye cabinet. It is generally lower and wider than a standard cabinet. These Apothecary cabinets have numerous pull-out drawers used to store herbs. Chinese doctors labeled each of the multiple drawers with the names of herbs and medicines (various mushrooms, reindeer antlers, etc.) to fix what ails you. Many functional cabinets such as these have been reconstructed in order to store CD players-a popular marketing strategy for contemporary furniture dealers. chinese apothecary cabinet      chinese apothecary chest The Chinese made Apothecary cabinets and chests in many varieties because they wanted and valued versatility, so cabinets became the primary storage facilities within a household. Large cabinets were used to store just about anything the master or mistress of a household wanted to keep secure and out of sight. Today, Westerners have kept pace with this Chinese notion of versatility by using cabinets as entertainment centers. apothecary furniture      apothecary cabinet Apothecary cabinets and chests were originally constructed to neatly organize medicines, herbs, teas and remedies.  Finishes on Chinese Apothecary cabinets and chests range from natural wood stains to painted burgundy or purple or solid red or black, sometimes with painted scenes on the doors. The subject matter of those scenes offers clues about the use within a Chinese household. Pictures of women or children usually suggest a wife's or concubine's quarters. More philosophical settings such as a landscape of mountains and streams might belong in a scholar's studio. asian apothecary cabinet San Diego Rustic Furniture often has a wide selection of Apothecary cabinets and chests that they import directly from China straight to our warehouse location in San Diego along with 20,000 square feet of treasures from China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Africa.  Stop by – open 7 days a week 858-537-9348
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